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What makes a bedroom?
April 1st, 2008 5:17 PM

Taking a break from musing over the Valuation Code, I thought I’d address a question I’m asked frequently once people find out I’m an appraiser.  Now I’ve been asked some rather strange ones, such as “can I count the mural of my wife in the nude as an improvement?” (that would depend on the buyer...and wife). 

Here is a question some of you may have had during the course of business: 

Q:  “Does a room need to have a window and closet to be considered a bedroom?  What does the Florida Law say on this?”  

A: There isn't a law or concrete definition for a bedroom.  A bedroom is typically defined as a room designated for sleeping.  In today's modern market, a bedroom typically has a closet and window.  The window is present as a second exit in case of fire.  However, the prevailing local market tradition and conditions will be the final determining factor that defines a bedroom.     
For example, in the early 1900s most homes had very few closets.  Bedrooms were typically small and allowed for a bed and an armoire or chest where clothes were stored.  Those homes still exist today and most buyers recognize those rooms as bedrooms, even without a closet.   
Thus, if the market in your area recognizes a space without a window or closet as a bedroom, that would hold precedence over any text book definition.   
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Thanks for reading!  ~J.

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